Pronofa ASA

Pronofa is a trailblazer for new and sustainable raw materials for use in future food production.

The company was established in 2021 as a «spin-off» from Denofa, one of the cornerstone companies in the City of Fredrikstad.

Through the acquisition of four other companies and a series of new recruitments, Pronofa has secured additional resources, experience, and expertise.

In 2023 we launched the Brand Purply – «the world’s most climate-friendly meat» which is made from the local, marine raw material Ciona (tunicates).

This is Purply

Pronofa ASA is the first in the world to use tunicates for large-scale food production. We utilize the local variant called Ciona which is found naturally along the coast of Norway and Sweden.

There are 3,000 different types of tunicates in the world. Some of these marine animals are considered delicacies in countries like South Korea («Meongge»), Chile («Piure») and France («Figue de Mer»), where they are usually served raw.

Purply on the other hand is a value-added product made from Ciona that mimics traditional meat types – for flavor, nutritional value and uses.

With a climate footprint of just 0,2 kg. CO2e per kg. Purply is also the world’s most climate-friendly meat.


– Ciona is an exciting and forward-looking raw material, combined with environmental benefits.

(Fredrikstad Blad)

Sigbjørn Røst
Pronofa investor & founder of Nimbus Direct

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