«Why haven't anyone thought of this before?»

Many may have thought about it, because it is no secret that animals and fish eat insects in nature. Still, most of today’s animal and fish feed is made with vegetable raw materials.  

The biggest challenge with producing insects for this purpose has been to secure large enough volumes to make it profitable. In addition, the feed quality of the insects must be consitantly good.

Black Soldier Fly

Pronofa is a newly established company, but several of our employees have vast experience with black soldierflies from before.

It turns out that this fly – or, more accurately the fly larvae – is particularly well-suited for insect production. These larvae can consume nearly anything at all; they grow quickly and contain a lot of protein.

Plans for a facility in Norway that can produce large amounts of insects is well underway.

Pronofa is standing on the threshold of a breakthrough for Norwegian insect production. We have had our «moon landing» and now we are about to build a full-scale facility that will take us «one giant leap» further!

Hans Petter Olsen, CEO, Pronofa

Several uses

From Black Soldier Fly production we get insect protein meal and oil for use in animal feed, chitin and chitosan which is used in pharmaceuticals, as well as frass which is organic fertilizer. Nothing goes to waste.

The Black Soldier Fly species is a natural decomposer. Their natural feed consists of dead organic materials or animal manure. The flies or larvae consumes this effectively before reproducing themselves in copious numbers:

1 gram of eggs turn into 4 kg. larvae in just two weeks!

As opposed to many other insect species, Black Soldier Fly is not a so called vector – a transmitter – for disease. In fact, these larvae remove unwanted substances and destruct bacteria when they decompose organic materials.


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