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The Food of the Future

The UN estimates that the world’s population will increase to nearly 10 billion by 2050. It means that we must act now to meet the demand for food that will continue to increase over the next 30 years – and beyond.

A stable supply of protein is essential to avoid that people go starving into the future. We are concurrently facing a climate crisis that does not allow for any increased pressure on nature.

In addition to managing the feed resources we have today in a sustainable manner, we need to develop new and sustainable methods for food and animal feed production in the years to come.

Are there more alternatives?


Ciona is initially intended for human consumption, but Pronofa has also started feed trials for fish and animals in the R&D stage – with promising results:

Our palatability tests for cats and dogs suggest that Ciona can be well-suited for use in pet food. Another test done for the fish farming industry suggests that we can replace up to 50% of fishmeal with Ciona meal in the diet of farmed salmon.

Similar to other types of meat, Ciona may also be well-suited as a feed ingredient. If we have surplus volumes, this could be a good and sustainable way to utilize the raw material.

Considering the global population growth and the increasing demand for food, it is unrealistic to replace the current feed ingredients; we will surely need much larger volumes than today.

Ideally, the growth should be covered by sustainable sources, and Ciona meal could be one of several contributing sources of feed.

In addition, Pronofa has explored the possibility of starting production of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) in Norway.

If the authorities choose to facilitate it, this could be a catalyst for real circular economy in practice. Biologically, Black Soldier Fly larvae can consume and utilize nearly all organic material. For example, discarded food, slaughterhouse waste or fish sludge , all of which we have plenty of in Norway.

However, they are currently not allowed to consume anything other than what production animals are fed.

Feeding chicken feed to a larva that will eventually become chicken feed is, obviously, pointless. Pronofa has nevertheless continued its R&D work with multiple experiments on Black Soldier Fly larvae in the lab in Fredrikstad.

Despite the significant political will in Norway and Europe to change regulations and facilitate a circular economy, it takes time to formalize such a change. Pronofa is using the waiting time to map, plan, and prepare for production.

Simultaneously, we have secured a collaboration agreement with a leading European insect producer to offer value-added products to the Norwegian market.

Ciona meal

Black Soldier Flye (BSF) meal, oil, chitin and frass


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