Served 700 portions of Purply

Folkemengde står i kø for å smake Purply

Served 700 portions of Purply

Arendalsuka 2023: Fantastic response!

Even ahead of Pronofa’s event at Arendalsuka there was a «buzz»: Several people referred to this as one of the highlights this year, and had expressed an interest either to us or our co-hosts Footprint. For the event at Barrique Beer & Wine Room we had secured none other than Christer Rødseth, the TV chef known from the morning show God Morgen Norge and now Dancing With The Stars, as the host.

On stage CEO Hans Petter Olsen at Pronofa was accompanied by Lise Finckenhagen (chef), Anja Bakken Rise (Framtiden i våre hender), Olav Kjørven (EAT), Hanne Lene Dahlgren (food influencer), Anja Lidbom (Reitan Retail) and Christian Moe Halsted (Everland). Thus, the table was set for a number of good chats about what we will – and should – eat in the future, and what is needed to get more poeple to try something new when it comes to food.

Everything from taste sensations to the effects on our climate was discussed on stage, and it was broadly agreed that it was exciting with a new raw material entering the marked: Tunicates

Ansatte fra Beach Club serverer Purply-burgere


Following the discussions inside at Barrique, it was time to serve food outside. Visitors got to taste four different dishes made with Purply – the name of the new tunicate product which Pronofa is launching this fall.

In addition to a burger, we served tostadas, skewers and meatballs – everything prepared professionally by the crew from restaurant Beach Club in Fredrikstad.

A staggering 700 portions were consumed in the space of litte more than an hour. Lock, stock, and barrel … The feedback from the crowd was not least overwhelmingly positive. Because this became a sort of «pre-launch» for our Purply brand, it was extra nice with such a good response.

Mini-concert with Alejandro Fuentes

Pronofa’s event ended with a mini-concert where artist Alejandro Fuentes performed five songs – accompanied by fellow artist Eirik Næss. The duo created a great atmosphere, and the concert was popular among those in attendance.


Arendalsuka 2023 turned out to be a great arena for Pronofa, and there has been a lot of interest for Purply afterwards too. We are looking forward the next chapter!

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